Webtracks app released!

The first release of the webtracks application is now available for download from the Webtracks SourceForge site. The application is built on the Java Restlet Framework. It provides a flexible foundation with extension points for developers to fast track custom implementation of the InteRCom protocol using the rich features provided by the Restlet framework. To illustrate how the application is used, the source code for an exemplar based on the ePublications archive is also available for download. Please see the project wiki for more info.

1 thought on “Webtracks app released!

  1. Glen

    Hi Nicola,I don’t really want to pre-empt what JISC might think about this area. But I moitnen it because I think it is a really important area how researchers, academics, students, etc keep up-to-date with various kinds of information, and what JISC considers to be it’s strategy for current awareness. It seems to me that current awareness has been rather neglected by JISC in terms of long/medium term development.Scholarly publishing is a $5 billion/year industry, and the latest articles are the cream’ on this publishing cake’.But there’s also many other types of current awareness, of course.

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